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15k in only 5 Days. God is SO Good!!!

Keeping families together means raising the $15K for transportation and importation of ALL the flooring needed for #theCamaluProject! You guys blow us away every time we have a need. You step UP. You step IN to the gap. And, through you, His love goes OUT to so many! Read full post HERE. 

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Urgent Need! 15k in 15 Days????

Keeping families together this week means finding the means to transport donated flooring from Oklahoma to Camalu… Yes this sounds crazy. It might be crazy, but is it impossible? Not with our God! Read more HERE to see how you can help, and believe with us what God can do when the body of Christ […]

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Empowering an OA Mom

Keeping families together this Summer means encouraging one OA Mom to follow her dreams and God’s path. Read about the groups that came down and contributed to empowering the life of one Open Arms Mom who is now able to be the provider for her family, and an even stronger follower of Christ. READ HERE 

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