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Keeping families together this summer meant building homes for families!

Home is Where the Heart is In a third world country, housing is not guaranteed. There are no formal standards for livable housing. Many families live in less than safe, pieced together homes with walls of plywood or even cardboard.  The idea of having a home of your own is only a dream to most of […]

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The last three months, keeping families together has meant God’s provision is coming in the form of mission teams!

Many hands mean more projects, more love and more souls in the Kingdom! This month we have had 12 mission teams, between both campuses, come to serve the Open Arms communities and families. It has been amazing to see so many talents, outreaches, construction projects and services happening in such a short amount of time. God is […]

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Keeping families together this week means supporting the Open Arms students as graduates!

Next to a relationship with Christ, education is key to breaking the cycle of child abandonment! The words “back-to-school” in Mexico don’t generate the same excitement as they do in the US. Most kids are excited to shop for clothes, supplies and new backpacks, but in third world countries, like Mexico, back-to-school usually means more […]

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