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Keeping families together today means supporting an organization called Open Arms Venezuela, who got their inspiration while visiting us in La Mision in 2016.

Open Arms Venezuela??? Really???? We could hardly believe it when we were told that an Open Arms Venezuela was established after a Venezuelan couple visited our La Mision campus in 2016. My (Heidi) jaw dropped and I need to to get all of the information. I could barely remember the couple or the conversation we had, […]

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Keeping families together this week means celebrating 12 years of fighting for families in La Mision!

12 years of preventing poverty orphans and keeping vulnerable kids off of the streets so their parents can work to provide for their family! We celebrated 12 amazing years of God’s faithfulness in La Mision!  Twelve years of fighting for families, sharing the Gospel and keeping kids out of orphanages. In La Mision we are caring […]

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