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Keeping families together today means there’s only 3 days left to match the MATCHING GRANT!

Dollar for dollar matching grant We have reached $34,050.00 toward our $50,000 matching grant! We only need $15, 950.00 more to reach our goal! Half of the matching grant is for operation costs in La Mision and Camalu. The other half is for our third campus in Los Pinos! Phase I  for the third campus will require an […]

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Keeping families together today means fighting fires and uniting the community!

La Mision Fire      On October 25th, at 1am,  we watched as our small town was literally surrounded by a wildfire that was being forced across the landscape by the Santa Ana winds. It was a nightmare, something you only see in movies.  Most of the town was evacuated, including our staff at OA campus. We […]

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