April 2010- Baptisms

Happy Easter!

April has been very busy for everyone here at OA.  The week leading up to Easter Sunday was no exception. On Monday, we had a short message on the last supper Jesus shared with his disciples. Then we all shared communion together. It was actually the first time some of our kids experienced communion. It was really great hearing the kids explain the significance of the Body and Blood of Christ.  Later that week we shared with the kids about the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ and the importance of those two events. And on Resurrection Sunday we came together and celebrated the baptism of two daycare moms.

Paz, Brisa and Luis' mom gettign baptized
Paz, Brisa and Luis’ mom getting baptized!

Viki and Paz
Viki, Fernando’s mom also was baptized along with Paz.

We serve a risen Lord, a God that is alive! And it is truly amazing to see Him working in the lives and hearts of the children at OA. Every week at our Wednesday children’s church we give the kids and workers an opportunity to give thanks to God. One girl shared how she wanted to give thanks to Jesus because He died for our sins. She said that we are the ones that deserve to be on the cross, not Jesus who was sinless.

This month we also had two groups come down and bless the daycare and the surrounding community. Both groups came down through Be2Live.org. Be2Live is an organization whose vision is to “to see people experiencing God by serving others within community, together discovering how to live intentional, relational and spiritual lives.”

St. Vincent's Group
St. Vincent’s Group serving at OA!

Laying the slab for the basketball court
Laying the slab for the basketball court.

The first group to come down was from St. Vincent School in Petaluma, CA. They laid a large cement foundation for our new basketball/soccer and for our driveway. They also worked on the stairs, some sidewalks and had an Easter egg hunt with the kids. Their hard work really paid off! The OA kids really do love the new basketball court and enjoyed having an Easter egg hunt.

The Quest '10
The Quest, from Novato, CA.

Putting some color on the new building
Putting some color on the new building!

The Second group to come down was from The Quest Church in Novato, CA. This group finished priming the new building and started painting!! They also facilitated a gym class for the kids as well as helped all the kids to make a craft. Additionally both groups blessed over 30 families in the community with food boxes and prayer.

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