April Update

Our Easter activities this year were great. All of the kids painted eggs and had a traditional Easter egg hut, which was a new thing for many of them. Additionally, each child received their own basket with candy, eggs, and toys. Most importantly, the kids received a lesson about the Crucifixion and Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Furthermore, two more children were also added to the daycare. Favian, 10 and Orlando, 6, have joined the Open Arms family. This family was homeless for a time until someone took them in and allowed them to live with her family. The boys are now attending school and enjoy the daycare’s bible class. Their mom is now working and is now more able to support her kids.


Additionally, another one of our prayers looks like it is close to being answered. Ever since we came down here, we have wanted to purchase the lot right next to the daycare, but because we could never find the owner of the lot, that option was never made available to us. After two and a half years of praying, one day Daniel met the owners by chance in the store next to us. What is more, they are not only willing, but wanting to sell! Even more amazing is that they want to sell it for under market value. Praise God! It is amazing to see how this comes together. The owner is giving us one month to get the money together to hold it for us. The price of the lot is $25,000. Please prayerfully consider being apart of this great investment which can affect many lives, as we plan to expand the daycare.


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