August 2009

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Summer has been filled with the fun, smiles, laughing children, soccer, beach time, and lots of hard work too!!!!

We would like to send a big thanks to New Life Church Alamo, CA, Corona Del Mar Community Church, CA, The Refuge from Scottsdale, AZ, and the UCSD crew for all their hard work!!!! This last month we focused on getting the duplex apartment done for our two new volunteers that will be serving at Open Arms. The groups were able to tape and mud the dry wall, and they also installed more drywall on the roof of the big playroom. Thanks for all your hard work you have helped so much with this project.


We accepted three young children Angela, 9, Antionio, 8, and Bryan, 4. We at Open Arms received this family by faith, knowing we were over capacity and under budget. But God has been faithful and there has been plenty of space, since some kids are on vacation this summer.
This family has a very special story, one of desperation turned into hope. These kids were literally fending for themselves while both their parents worked. There mother travels to Rosarito (30 min North) and their father to Tijuana (50 min North) everyday. With both parents working the kids were left to themselves. Every once and a while the kids uncle would watch the kids but would end up leaving them. They were always dirty, hungry, and you could find them wandering the streets well after dark. Their mother had sent in an application many months back but we had no room. She would call almost every week begging for a spot for her children. Finally she told us that she was scared the uncle was sexually molesting her daughter and she had no one else to help her. At that very moment we accepted them into our Open Arms Family. Recently, during our midweek service they all opened their hearts to Jesus and accepted Him into their hearts. They have told us that they have never felt so much love like they do here at the daycare.

Thank you all for doing your part in keeping families together and the children off the streets and out of orphanages!!! Please keep these families in your thoughts and prayers

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