August 2010 -Groups/Events/House Building

Evangelical Service for the community!

Makeovers, a carnival, walking on water, construction, a health fair, and food distribution are what filled the days at OA this month.

New Life Church from Alamo, CA came down this month and put on a family festival for OA and the surrounding community. They had many different carnival games, a water balloon/water gun soak play area, and face painting station among other activities. They alsoheld a service and provided food for everyone who came.

NLC also helped with this month’s mom’s class. The theme was transformation; NLC spoke on how God can change our lives from the inside out. Each mom was given a makeover. They were given new clothes, new shoes, and new accessories. It was wonderful to see some of our mom’s break out of their shell’s and strut down the makeshift runway in their new outfits.

All the mom’s of the daycare after their transformation!

While the mom’s were playing dress up the kids where playing scientist. NLC held a program for the kids about finding God in science. For fun the kids tried their hand, or rather foot, at being Peter and walking on water. Of course our H 2O was not water from the Sea of Galilee, rather a mixture of Mexican tap water and corn starch. The kids loved it!

Cindy Jakel-Smith, the scientist who taught our children to find God in everything!

BE2LIVE brought down a group from Bible Fellowship Church from Sebring Fl. They worked on the homes of four families, all of whose children attend OA. The Sebring group also put on a health fair in town and at the daycare to educate the community on proper hygiene. The BFC team also gave out 40 community boxes filled with food, school supplies and toys. The oldest member of the BFC team was a woman named Doris. She is a 92 year old retired missionary from Africa. She personally sewed outfits for many of our kids. And was a tremendous inspiration to us all.

Health Fair…teaching the kids proper tooth brush hygiene!
One of our community house building projects. Alejandra and Berenice will soon have a home!


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