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Keeping families together today means taking one in as our own!

Antonio’s story began with us in 2009. His mom came to Open Arms in La Mision desperate and in need of help. She worked 30 minutes out of town and Antonio’s dad worked 50 minutes north of La Mision.  Antonio, his sister and brother were often left alone because both of their parents needed to work […]

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Keeping families together today means sending 128 kids back to school!

Education  at Open Arms is second only to knowing Christ and living life fully in Him! Having an education greatly reduces poverty which, in turn, lowers the chances of children becoming poverty orphans. This means when kids get an education they are more likely to have families that stay together.         Because education in Mexico is not totally […]

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We are a little behind in getting our blogs out to you, however, we don’t want to pass up thanking our teams that came over Spring Break. Here is a recap!

Hopefully, this will encourage you to see a need for short-term mission teams. As you step out of your comfort zone to serve on a mission trip God not only does amazing things in you, but also helps us expand His Kingdom and get some much needed projects done.  Camalu We are so grateful to […]

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