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      • How long will I be able to sponsor the same child?
      • Is each child restricted to only one sponsor?
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      • Do my gifts actually reach the child their are intended?
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What is Open Arms (OA)?

Open Arms Childcare Ministries is a non-profit charity that provides no-cost childcare to needy families. There is a campus in La Mision and in Camalu, Baja California, Mexico. Open Arms provides assistance to families who are in desperate need of childcare services.

Mexico is a third world country with no real form of childcare. Because of the drastic decline of the peso, many families are no longer able to survive on the father’s salary alone. This is forcing mothers into the workforce at a fast pace, and their children in turn become victims.

Our hope and prayer is to keep families together by providing them with a safe refuge during the day. Our goal is to keep children out of orphanages and off the streets, and bring them into the loving arms of Jesus Christ. The care and assistance we provide for these families extends beyond basic well-being and encompasses all facets of a productive lifestyle, which includes but is not limited to academic, religious, and life education.

In 2012, Open Arms also added a teen center called High Voltage, where 20-150 youth come every Friday night to hang out and hear the Word of God. That same year, Iglesia Vida Nueva (New Life Church) was begun to help fulfill the spiritual needs of the community, and a medical and dental clinic was also opened on the Open Arms campus.  Open Arms has become more than just a daycare; we are a community center helping to meet the social, physical and spiritual needs of the residents of La Mision.

In 2014, Open Arms is beginning construction on their second campus in Camalu, Baja California, which is located in the San Quintin Valley about four hours south of the border. Click for more information about The Camalu Project.

How does Open Arms work?

We care fore the most vulnerable children in our community. We fight for families so children won’t be left on the streets or become a poverty orphan. We work to prevent orphans by coming along side of families before their children are abused, neglect or at risk of abandonment. We fight to preserve families and empower them through parenting classes, medical and dental care, Bible Studies, community home building projects, micro loans for small businesses, a safe place to leave their children while they go to work, a teen-center for the youth, and a church for their spiritual formation.

By providing a no-cost daycare we are solving a social need. By having a medical and dental clinic, we help with their physical needs, and by having an on-site church we can meet their spiritual needs. In turn, providing the family, whole health; heart, body and soul.

How and when did Open Arms start?

Daniel and Heidi are the founders and directors of Open Arms Childcare Ministries. They met when Heidi came to the orphanage in Mexico where Daniel grew up. After he turned 18, Daniel stayed at the orphanage and worked in construction; soon after, Heidi came and served there for about two years. They were married in August of 2005. As they worked together at the orphanage, they knew God would one day use them to start another ministry.

In 2005, they began Open Arms. They know that they have been called to help keep families together and prevent childhood abandonment. Their hearts’ desire is to show Christ’s love to these needy Mexican children, and to teach their parents how much God values the family unit.

Because Daniel grew up in an orphanage, beginning at the age of 7, he has struggled with feeling abandoned and unloved. Instead of holding onto his bitterness and hurt, he decided to try to make a difference. Through Open Arms, Daniel and Heidi help keep children who have at least one living parent out of orphanages, and care for kids who would otherwise wander the streets while their parents are at work. They provide a no-cost daycare service in La Mision and in Camalu, touching the lives of the families there and preventing childhood abandonment one child at a time.

They truly live by faith each day, and they have experienced God’s enduring mercy and faithfulness. When they started working on the construction of their facility in April of 2005, they had one dollar to their name. Less than one year later, they were able to open the daycare to the children of the community. Currently, they care for over 60 children and have helped numerous families stay together. They also support the 15 junior high and high school children who have graduated out of the daycare program with their educational expenses (education is not free in Mexico).

Since Heidi and Daniel began their work in La Mision, Open Arms has only continued to grow. In addition to running the daycare, they hold a monthly class to teach important life skills to the many mothers of the daycare children. They started a teen center called High Voltage, through which over 100 teens have given their life to the Lord. Anywhere from 20 to 150 teens attend High Voltage every Friday night. They have opened a dental and medical clinic that services members of the community as well as daycare families. And a church was planted on- site in 2012. Open Arms has truly become a center for the entire community, showing the love of Christ to hundreds of people as they meet various needs through the many facets of their ministry. They live by the motto, “Faith makes miracles”, and they know that God is still in the business of performing miracles today!

How is Open Arms funded?

OA’s budget is composed of cash and product donations from individuals, churches, corporations, and foundations. We thank God every day for his constant provision through these people and groups. When the body of Christ comes together and everyone gives a little, God multiplies it so we can do a lot.



What is Child Sponsorship and what does is entail?

Child sponsorship is and opportunity to connect with a child and/or family on a personal, spiritual and financial level. You get to walk alongside them as they work through life’s triumphs, battles, and fight for a clearer vision of their God-given potential.

Sponsorship of a child connects you with a child physically and spiritually.  As you give monthly, we also ask they you pray for your child and their family.

Sponsorship begins at $25 a month.  (However there are more levels of sponsorship).  Your monthly support will help Open Arms continue to provide the children with nourishment and medical assistance for physical health, as well as educational and psychological help, and biblical training to children without removing them from a family environment.

What are the levels of sponsorship you provide?

It takes about $200 a month for each child to be in our program. So, in true “open arms” fashion we have three levels of sponsorship:

1. Snuggler for $25 a month.

2. Cuddler for $100 a month.

3. Bear-Hugger for $200 a month. (This is the minimum amount we need for each child.)

If you would like you can also donate any other amount on a monthly basis, as well, for your sponsorship.

What is the best way to give my sponsorship support?

The best way is to sign up for a recurring donation, is through our subscription button on our website on the sponsor a child page here. Or you can email info@openarmsmexico.org and we can provide you with a form to fill out where you can use your debit or credit car.  Additionally, we still have many people mail in a check each month or year for their support. You can also add us to Bill Pay through your online banking. Whatever is the most convenient for you.

Do I have to sign up with Paypal on your site?

No you do not. On our website, the merchant provider we have is PayPal, as they are the cheapest to use and takes only a minimal amount out of every purchase. However, when signing up on the website, after you click the yellow subscription button, there is a place at the bottom of the page that says, “No PayPal account? Pay using your debit or credit card.”

Or fill out this form, and email to us or send it to PO Box 6605, Chula Vista, CA 91909.

What specific benefits does a child receive through sponsorship?

Your sponsorship provides your child with:

-A refuge during the day, keeping them off the streets

– The chance to go home to their family every evening

– An alternative to living in an orphanage

– Two hot meals and two snacks daily

– Transportation to and from school

– The opportunity and resources to get an education

– On-site homework help and tutoring for students and early education for 0-4 years old

– School uniform and supplies

– Support from a Christian psychologist

– Regular medical and dental treatment

– Clothes and shoes

– A birthday celebration each year

– Bible training

– Lots of love and so much more!

How involved can I be with my sponsor child?

By becoming a sponsor at OA, you become a spiritual parent; we ask that you pray for your child every day. Your sponsorship will also help a child feel loved. The children are so grateful to know that someone cares for them. You are welcome to come visit your child: get to know them, hug them, and play with them. With our sponsorship program, you can actually reach out and touch the child you sponsor. Ultimately, it’s you who help keep families together and prevent the abandonment of children! Our sponsorship program helps with the day-to-day expenses of caring for these children, and every dollar that comes to us through this program directly benefits the kids. We are able to give them the best care possible by providing a home away from home.

How long will I be able to sponsor the same child?

Sponsorship is a long-term commitment.  You can sponsor a child for as long as you would like. We encourage you to sponsor your child for at least their thirteenth birthday and/or graduate elementary  school. However, you can continue your sponsorship even if they graduate out of the daycare program.

Once a child goes into junior high, by Mexican government law they can no longer attend the daycare. However, we rent a room right next to the daycare, we call “The Cave”. This is our Jr. High Program. Your sponsorship helps us keep this open for the youth, after they grow up at the daycare. In this program, each student will be lead through a devotional, homework help and tutoring and community service.  Your sponsorship will also go towards their education, as they need uniform, school supplies, backpacks, and tuition. Tuition for school is not free in Mexico. These youth will also be encouraged to attend High Voltage, our youth center.

The goal of sponsorship is to help break the cycle of poverty so children and families can step into their future with a new-found hope. When the goal of sustainability is met, Open Arms is able to move on to serve other children in great need. This is a time of celebration!

If for any reason circumstances change and your child is no longer available for sponsorship, OA will notify you immediately.

Is each child restricted to only one sponsor?

No. Each child is able to have as many sponsors as they are blessed with.  We look for at least eight sponsors that give $25 a month or a total of $200 a month. We need a minimum of $200 to care for the child adequately in our program. If a child receives more than the $200 a month necessary for their needs,  the funds are dispersed evenly to the other children who do not have enough support. However, the sponsor child you choose will be the child you will receive letters, pictures, and small gifts of appreciation from. The bond you form will be one that no amount of money can buy!

All sponsorship donations goes into our program fund so all children are helped evenly.

Can I write to my sponsored child?

Absolutely! Being a child sponsor is about more than just sending a monthly donation. Exchanging letters or cards is a great way to deepen the relationship with your sponsored child. Visit the “SEND A LETTER” page for writing tips, topics, and precautions.

Can I send gifts to my sponsored child?

Yes! Please send an age appropriate gift for your child. If an 8 year old girl in the USA likes frozen and a 10 year old boy likes soccer, our kids do too! But practical gifts are always best. For example, clothes, shoes, and school supplies! Please no play guns, swords or knives, or anything with skulls on it please (this includes clothing.)

We also encourage you to please send a birthday and Christmas gift to your child. If you would rather have us pick something out for them, please make a donation and designate it to your child for his birthday or Christmas, and we will pick something up that he/she needs,

Do my sponsorship gifts actually reach the child for which they are intended?

Yes. Open Arms prides ourselves in maintaining a strong relationship between a child and their sponsor. Simply because without you and God’s never ending faith and love, none of this would be possible. When we receive a gift from a sponsor, we pull the child aside to share the gift(s) that were sent with them. As well as translating any cards or letters (if needed) for them to understand.

Can I visit my sponsor child? How?

Play your part in helping to prevent the brokenness these families suffer. Plan a trip to come serve at the daycare, teen center, medical/dental clinic, and church! Bring your junior high, high school, men’s, women’s, or young adults group, your family, or members from your church, to Mexico. Here you can bless the Mexican people and in turn be blessed by being servants of the Lord. Come with friends or come by yourself; there is plenty to do and lots of children to hug! Mission groups help our longevity in Mexico. Consider bringing a group down soon!

We can host groups of all sizes, and we will try our best to accommodate the dates you request, so please schedule your group trip as soon as possible. Please check our Missions Packet 2014 for current pricing and details. Fill out our updated packet with options to serve our campus in La Mision and our new site in Camalu!

Please email info@openarmsmexico.org for any info or bookings of mission’s trips.




Where can I find information on a child in need of a sponsor?

By clicking the link SPONSOR A CHILD, you can find pictures, and further information on the children available for sponsorship. All children are susceptible to more than one sponsor.

Can I share Open Arms through my personal social media networks?

Yes! We encourage you to share Open Arms, and our purpose here. We hope to spread the love of God beyond our website, into the hands of as many people as possible. Also please follow us Facebook, Instagram and Twitter under OpenArmsMexico.

How do I change my mailing address to continue receiving news from OA?

Send an email to info@openarmsmexico with Address Change in the subject line. Include your first and last name, and your new address.

What are the payment methods with giving donations?

We thank you for your interest in supporting Open Arms Childcare Ministries. Open Arms is funded purely by donations from individuals, churches, and businesses. If you would like to make a donation, you can either send a check  to our P.O. Box or use Paypal.  All donations are tax-deductible. You can also sign up for a recurring donation. Please email info@openarmsmexico.org for the form needed or call 559-303-2965.

For mail-in donations, please send your check payable to Open Arms to:

Open Arms Mexico
P.O. Box 6605
Chula Vista, CA 91909


“Defend the poor and fatherless; do justice to the afflicted and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked.”

Psalm 82:3-4