February 2011 – Social Enterprise

Open Arms has decided to open a new facet of ministry in order to try to reach the moms of the daycare children. Mary Anderson, from Corona Del Mar Community Church, came and taught moms different ways they can use their God-given artistic abilities and create with the Creator. This class has opened up many opportunities for them to create a social enterprise where they can actually sell the items they make at the OA store. Then, when teams come down and serve, they can take back a special souvenir made by the mothers of the OA children!

Moms explore their creativity during an art class

We still need investors for this social enterprise in order to purchase all the materials. We also need people to teach a sewing, crocheting, and jewelry making class. If you’re gifted in any of these areas, let us know!

Jeremy and Lindzee Creech came and did a special children’s program, with the theme “Plugged in to God.” The kids loved playing the crazy, messy games, memorizing Bible verses, and learning about God in a very hands-on way.

Kids loved the crazy games with Jeremy & Lindzee Creech

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