July Updates 2009



The Quest from Novato, Ca came down with a mission’s trip to help the daycare and serve the community. They funded and installed the insulation and the drywall for the new daycare building!!! Also a dentist and dental assistant helped fix the teeth of the daycare kids and their families. Furthermore a veterinarian came and offered his services to the community. This group was willing to serve God wherever there was a need!!!! Thanks for all your hard work.

Saved By Grace

We have more great news!!!! Another mother has accepted Jesus as her personal savior. Luz the mother of Berenice, 8, and Alejandra, 3, was desperate for the daycare last year. Her husband was put in jail and she found herself a single mom looking for work, and someone trustworthy to care for her two children.

Now almost a year later the girls have grown in the Lord so much. Luz says that her girls were the ones to show her Gods love. They would pray for her, recite bible verses to her and through this she has seen the grace and love of God. She said “ One time my daughters were playing with their cousin and he was sick, they both decided to lay hands on him and pray for his healing. I couldn’t believe it. My daughters new more about love and God then I did. They are the ones who keep me going. If it was not for the daycare I don’t know where our lives would be,” says Luz

Baby Dedication,

Heidi had the privilege of dedicating one of the babies at Open Arms to the Lord this past month. Amparo the mother of Favian,12, Orlando,8, and Andres, 3 months has been attending Heidi and Miriam’s Bible study very regularly. She and her boys have accepted Christ since they started coming to the daycare. This last year she gave her life to the Lord. Now she know about Christ, and she wanted to present her new baby to the lord as a public act showing that she promises to raise him in the ways of God.

We ask that you please pray for this family!!!!

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