Keeping families together this month means praying for Symmond’s surgery.

We first met Symmond and his mom in 2013.  His mom, Michelle, came from southern Mexico to La Mision as a young, single mom escaping the abuse of her father.  While she was pregnant with Symmond, her father beat her and emotionally abused her. After Symmond was born, the abuse continued and she decided to flee to the safety of her aunt and uncle, in La Mision.   For five years, Michelle, Symmond and his sister, Mireya, have been a part of the Open Arms family in La Mision. She attends our on-site church and has really grown in her faith and ability to care for her children. She currently works full time in our toddler room as a teacher’s aide.

Symmond is one of our special needs children. He is severely delayed in almost every area. When he came to us at the age of three he could not speak, walk or feed himself. At 7 years old, he has just begun potty training, speaks only a minimal amount of words and is unable to attend regular school. Previously, we had helped Michelle have testing and evaluations done in order to pinpoint the cause of his disability, but the tests were inconclusive. In the time Symmond has been here, although behind, he has grown so much!  We believe that he has a great future ahead of him all for the glory of God.    

Now, the family faces another hurdle. Symmond needs to have his tonsils removed. In the US this may not be a major surgery but in Mexico, with his condition and with third world care, it’s different. We need you to please pray for his mom to have the peace of God, for all to go well and for his recovery to be without problems! We are also helping Michelle to get a whole new set of evaluations for Symmond in the hope that we can gain more knowledge of his disability and be able to help him grow to his full potential. Both of these things cost much more than she has. We are helping…will you help us help this family? You can give a one-time donation to here to help with his medical needs. Please write in the memo  “Symmond medical” so we can properly allocate funds. GRACIAS!


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