Keeping families together this month means teaching women (mothers, daughters, granddaughters) who they are in CHRIST!

Open Arms Church Women’s Ministry: a place to know God, connect with others and celebrate life!  We could not be more grateful for all that God is doing in the lives of the women in Camalu! He is releasing captives and calling them into His love.

Ella, or She (in English), offers a Bible Study for women, in the spring and the fall in Camalu. This past session, we studied about our identity in Christ and 120 women attended! This is a large women’s ministry in Mexico.

Some women have renewed their relationship with God, others are growing in their faith and still others are hearing the Gospel for the very first time in their lives! 56 women gave their lives to Christ in the nine week session, including the mayor of Camalu! (The mayor continues to attend church on Sundays as well, and we pray this is a big step into changing the future of Camalu for so many.)

We remember when we first were looking for property in Camalu, and people told us not to go to Camalu because the “ground was hard.” Other ministry leaders told us that no ministry has survived in Camalu and that most churches are between 20-40 people. We took that as a sign from God, to go and reach the people that no one wanted to reach. And the Lord has been faithful. Our church is growing every week, averaging around 200 adults and many, many children every week. Before we even starting building in Camalu we prophesied over the land, said it will be a land that flows with milk and honey, and that hundreds of people will give their lives to Jesus here. And praise the Lord, He is doing it!

60% of our daycare families have also given their lives to God and are attending church. We have had people who have NEVER stepped into a church before, not even Catholic Church, come to our church and be saved. One lady told us that she had never heard about this Jesus we talked about. People are truly “unreached” here. These are HUGE wins for the Kingdom! God is moving in all of our ministries and at each campus. 

Thank you for all your prayers and support! All the glory and honor goes to God for what He is doing and will continue to do through Open Arms.


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