Keeping families together this week means celebrating 12 years of fighting for families in La Mision!

12 years of preventing poverty orphans and keeping vulnerable kids off of the streets so their parents can work to provide for their family!

We celebrated 12 amazing years of God’s faithfulness in La Mision!  Twelve years of fighting for families, sharing the Gospel and keeping kids out of orphanages. In La Mision we are caring for 75 kids, challenging parents to finish their jr high/high school education and seeing Christ transform families. It all started with a dream to fight for families. Now, the La Mision community is transformed, the Camalu campus was birthed and the Los Pinos campus is on the horizon!

We celebrated with bounce houses, cake, games and prizes! God is so, so good and we can’t thank Him and everyone who supports us enough! THANK YOU for fighting for families, for believing in God’s plan for every parent, child, employee and volunteer!          

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