Keeping families together this week means celebrating the 2nd Anniversary at our Camalu campus and Symmond’s successful surgery!

Camalu is T W O!  Two years of fighting for seventy five kids in thirty seven different families! The best news is that 60% of the parents and kids in the daycare attend church or Bible Study on-site! God is so good!  The mayor of Camalu heard about our party and came dressed as a clown with a handful of balloons for our kids. Thank you for your faithful support as we continue to fight for more and more families. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Camalu!

 Answered Prayers For Symmond 

Thank you to everyone who prayed for Symmond. He had a successful surgery to have his tonsils removed and has recovered amazingly, even though, because of his disability it was more risky than normal!  Through your generous giving, we have been able to help his mom with the extra costs associated with the surgery! His mom is also starting the process to have a new set of evaluations done in order to pinpoint exactly what Symmond’s disability is and how we can help with therapy, school and how to support the family! We have started a “savings” for the family to help with the costs of the evaluations and trips to the doctor appointments. In Mexico, many special needs kids are taken to orphanages because their parents do not know how to care for them. We are so thankful Open Arms gets to be a part of keeping this family together! Thank you for your prayers and your support as we fight for Symmond’s family!

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