Keeping families together today means doubling our impact for our new campus through a matching grant.

Dollar for dollar matching grant

We are still in awe of all God has done to bring us to this point: two campuses, almost 200 kids in close to 100 families are being served in La Mision and Camalu. Now, He is doing a new thing! L O S P I N O S, our 3rd campus an hour south of Camalu. This campus will be able to keep 75 kids safe, off the streets and out of orphanages. They will be cared for and taught about the love of Christ while their par-ents work to provide for their needs. They will get to be kids, play, go to school and be loved without the fear of being alone during the day. This is great news to the community of Los Pinos and for the Kingdom of God.

Phase I will require an architect and building permits to ensure that the facility is as safe as possible for the staff and children, building permits so that we are operating within Mexican laws, demolition to remove existing outlying structures, laying the foundations for the buildings and installing septic. The cost of this phase will be $100,000. (The total projected cost is $450,000).

The J.W. Walker Foundation has once again offered us a matching grant for $50K.  Half for construction in Los Pinos and half for program expenses in La Mision and Camalu! If you would like to be a part of God’s plan for Los Pinos by donating toward the matching grant, you can send a check or click here.  Please note “matching grant” in the memo.

Let’s see what we can do TOGETHER, so continue to keep children off the streets and orphanages and bring them into the loving arms of Jesus Christ. 

(Picture below is Elizabeth and Daniel, the generous couple who donated the property to Open Arms. Please pray for them! Daniel has been sick with kidney problems due to diabetes, and they are having a hard time as the anniversary of the death of their two daughters from the house fire was just a couple weeks ago.)

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