Keeping families together today means supporting an organization called Open Arms Venezuela, who got their inspiration while visiting us in La Mision in 2016.

Open Arms Venezuela??? Really????

We could hardly believe it when we were told that an Open Arms Venezuela was established after a Venezuelan couple visited our La Mision campus in 2016. My (Heidi) jaw dropped and I need to to get all of the information. I could barely remember the couple or the conversation we had, that inspired them to step out in faith and help the most vulnerable children in Venezuela. 

In 2016,  this couple joined a group from Idaho down to La Mision and served at our campus there. They were dentists and worked in our dental clinic, serving the children and families in our care. After chatting with them, they said that we should come and start an Open Arms Venezuela. I laughed a little, and said, God can use you to start it too. 

Honestly, I didn’t know those words would be so powerful. I didn’t know the weight or the influence that they had, until now. The thing is, they DID IT! They started an Open Arms Venezuela. They are being God’s hands and feet in a county that so desperately needs God’s light. Open Arms Venezuela may look different than Open Arms Mexico, but it has the same heart behind it- opening our arms just like Jesus did to the vulnerable children of the world. OA Venezuela started feeding 5 children (we started with just 5 children too), then God told them to feed more, and more, and more. Today, they feed 200 children, at three locations, every Sunday. They are feeding needy children in a county where food is scarce. These kids are bringing their families to church. And the body of Christ is growing in Venezuela. Additionally, they have parenting classes, just like us, to give the parents the essential tools they need to help their family. Family is at the core of their ministry. 

Currently, the situation in Venezuela is so dire they are mailing boxes of food from Idaho (from the church they are sponsored and mentored by) to Venezuela in order to feed the children. They are receiving free food and medical supplies from local food banks in Idaho and sending it all the way to Venezuela, and it is getting there with no custom problems. Praise the Lord! It is hard to believe, but it is cheaper to send 100 lbs of food from the USA than to purchase it in Venezuela with inflation sky rocketing, and food literally not available unless purchased on the black market. 

Open Arms Venezuela desperately needs our prayers and support. Prayerfully consider giving towards this ministry. You can donate through our website or mail in a check to:

Open Arms

PO Box 6605

Chula Vista, CA 91909

 Please put OA Venezuela on the memo, so funds can be allocated correctly. The donations will go towards the shipping fee to send food and medical supplies. 

You can also give directly through their partner ministry in Idaho. 

Garden Ministries (OA Venezuela)

3120 S.Gold Bar Ave

Meridian, ID 83642

(Because of the vision God placed on our hearts in 2005, we currently have two campuses with a 3rd on the horizon. Other people have caught the vision too where we have mentored and helped. Currently there are three other daycare ministries that have began with this vision to keep families together. One in Primo Tapia (15 min north of La Mision), another in Colonet (30 minutes north of Camalu), and another in mainland Mexico, Matzatlan. We feel so blessed and privileged to see God expand this important ministry in Mexico and now in Venezuela! Gloria a Dios!) 

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