Keeping families together today means taking one in as our own!

Antonio’s story began with us in 2009. His mom came to Open Arms in La Mision desperate and in need of help. She worked 30 minutes out of town and Antonio’s dad worked 50 minutes north of La Mision.  Antonio, his sister and brother were often left alone because both of their parents needed to work to provide for the family. The day Antonio’s mom came to us afraid her daughter was being abused by an uncle, we accepted them.  Sadly, that is just the beginning of Antonio’s story.

Antonio’s dad wound up in jail, and his mom soon found a boyfriend who was a drug addict. Open Arms was the only consistent thing in Antonio and his siblings life, until their mom moved them with the boyfriend an hour south. Antonio started hanging out with the wrong crown and realized he was taking his life down the wrong path, and going against everything he learned with us at OA.

He even dropped out of high school with the move and his mom’s instability.  He decided to ask us if he could come help out in Camalu, two years ago, for the summer.  He came to Camalu and after the summer, he begged to stay. He wanted Jesus. He wanted a safe, healthy, God centered life. With permission from his mom, he has been in Camalu ever since. We got him back in school and he graduates high school next year (a BIG accomplishment in Mexico) and he wants to go to college to study languages. He is loved, he is thriving. He is in church, and serves on the media team.

Now, he is in school and works part-time at the  Camalu campus. His future is bright and he has big dreams. We said “yes” to God and Antonio’s whole life has taken a different path! We are grateful for our sponsors, who have made all the difference.

We have 128 kids getting ready to go back-to-school. Education has been key to helping Antonio make a better life for himself. Will you sponsor him or another child and get them back to school? For just a one-time donation of $70 you can help kids like Antonio start the year off right with all they need when school begin! I want to send a child to school!