March 2010 -Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Open Arms!

Bounce House

On March 5th Open Arms celebrated its 3 year anniversary.  We are extremely blessed and thankful for everything God has given us over the years. Every day we rely on Him and every day God provides for the kids and the needs of this facility. We now take care of 44 kids and have under our employ 10 Mexican workers. 3rd year anniversary This last year has been a year of growth for us in many ways. We have grown physically with the expansion of our facility. We have grown as a Christian community, with the new small group  Bible studies that have started. Additionally we started holding monthly service for the community, where many mothers, fathers and children have found Christ through these events.

We have also grown in presence in our community; we are not only a daycare but a refuge, an evacuation center for flood victims, a shelter for the battered and beaten and a central spot for food distribution for the hungry in the community. We have been called to be a light in this community and we thank all of our OA supporters in helping us be the light at the top of the hill. In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven. (Mat 5:16)

God is working in La Mision and we are excited to be a part of that. Each month Pastor Jeremy and Lindzee Creech from Visalia, CA will be coming down to share the Gospel with the parents of the daycare as well as the people of the community. The first service of this year was held in the new building of the daycare.  In this service six men came forward to give their lives to God and many others came forward for special healing and prayer. In one of our women’s Bible studies Juana, the mother of one of the 4 families who used the daycare as an evacuation shelter during the flood, accepted Jesus into her heart! We thank God for these 7 new believers and we take joy in knowing that God has great things in store for them.

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