Keeping families together today means coming along side of Maximo’s mom, as she grieves her son’s loss.


Maximo came to Open Arms in La Mision just a few short weeks ago at 4 months old.He was one of our youngest babies in the baby room and instantly loved so much by the staff and other babies! Maximo’s mom is a single mom with two other young children at home. Her story is tragic. She has been in and out of prison. Her oldest daughter was born in prison, and Maximo was conceived during a conjugal visit. Her children coming into the world were already fighting a battle, they didn’t even know they had to fight. Recently, Maximo’s mom moved to La Mision to be close to her sisters and father. We started caring for Maximo and his siblings three weeks ago.  As many of you have seen on our social media, last week he got sick and ended up in the nearest hospital, an hour from La Mision.

He had a fever last Tuesday night and when his mom brought him to the daycare on Wednesday, he was still not well. Our staff, became immediately concerned and called his mom and told her she needed to take him immediately to see a doctor. Maximo’s uncle came for him since his mom has a new job was afraid to miss time and lose her source of income. He took the baby to the local clinic, where Máximo had two seizures due to a high fever, and they rushed him in an ambulance directly to the hospital in Ensenada. Since last Wednesday the family has been on a roller coaster. First the doctors said it was Leukemia. Then a stomach infection. Then a rare hereditary disease in his kidneys. He deteriorated very quickly.  Now just six days later, Maximo’s little organs couldn’t fight any longer. His organs failed and his heart just stopped beating. Our hearts are heavy, but we know he is healed in the loving arms of Jesus. 

Sadly, this is a reality for not just Maximo’s family but any family with emergency medical situations living in poverty. The healthcare system in a third world country is not even half as good as the worst health care in developed countries. In Maximo’s case, he was actually born at home, because his mom went into labor into the night, and without a car to get to a hospital, she had no choice but deliver him at home. Now, just four months later, she found herself in another crisis.  The hospital wanted to try a certain medicine with the hope that it could stop his condition from worsening but they didn’t have the medication. Maximo’s mom had to drive around all of Ensenada searching all other hospitals and almost a day later were able to find it and administered it. We don’t know if the passing time was partly the cause of his worsening condition. 

The thing is, we see this ALL the time. Poverty leads to crisis, which then leads to tragedy.  Mix all of this in with bad healthcare, no access to medicine or technology and things like this happen, all too often. Only the power of the cross can break this cycle. We have buried some of the kid’s parents, grandparents, and uncles, but never a child from OA.  We only have had Maximo with us for three weeks, but it is still so devastating. Please keep his family and all of our staff in your prayers. It is a very hard time for all of us right now. 

Our prayer right now is for comfort of the family and our staff. And that God would use what the devil intends for evil, to bring blessing and life into this situation. Pray for salvation for Maximo’s mom and family. 

Also, we are helping the family with some of the costs they have accrued. If you feel led to help them in anyway. You can do so here. Please put Maximo in the memo. Thank you. 

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