November 2010- Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

This month we had our first ever Harvest Festival. We invited all of the OA kids and their families to come join us for an afternoon of fun. We started the event with worship and a small message. Then we moved on to the games and booths. We had a cake walk where the kids were able to win everything from homemade cakes to platters of cookies and flan. Every single kid was able to take home a dessert. We also had a pie in the face game, at this booth the kids were able to load up their pie tins with whipped cream and chocolate syrup and test their aim as they launched their plate at the face in the bulls eye. Our other booths included ring toss, crazy hairdos, apple bobbing and many others. This festival gave families a safe alternative to Halloween. It was an event where the kids and parents could come and have fun as a family. Many parents were just as excited as their kids either playing the games alongside them, or cheering their children on from the side.

Bobby for apples, isn’t as easy as it looks!

Toilet paper toss game!

Jared showing off his great aim as he smashes a pie in Daniel’s face!

Carlos after visiting the crazy hair booth!

Berenice after winning the cake walk and other harvest festival games!


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