October 2010-Dedication of New OA Building

Heidi, Daniel & Samaria cut the ribbon as they dedicate the new building!
All the kids and families let go hundreds of balloons in the sky as we all yelled together “GRACIAS DIOS”. It was emotional as we reflected the grace, and provision God has had on Open Arms.

This month has been a month of new experiences here at OA. We had our new building dedication ceremony this past month and have begun to use all the rooms in the new  6500 sq. ft. building. All the families that are a part of OA came together to celebrate the dedication and official opening of our new building. Pastor Jeremy came down and gave a small message, Heidi and Daniel said a few words of thanks to the OA workers and together everyone prayed over the new building, the daycare as a whole and dedicated the new building to God and His plan for OA and La Mision.

Here is the new “beach room”. The big kids, 1st thru 6th grade, are enjoying this lovely room, they love to admire the details in the mural!

Our younger kids are now enjoying the larger space afforded to them as the old daycare playroom became an exclusively infant through kindergarten zone. The older kids are also very excited as they break in the recently dubbed “beach room.” The new room has various designated activity areas, a built in pier and hosts the newest members of the OA a family, our pet beta fish.

Samaria admiring our new pets…beta fish!

This past month we also accepted seven new kids off of our waiting list of 30+ children. These four new families have been welcomed with open arms and we cannot wait to see what God has planned for their lives. Keep an eye out for more information about each of the new children in the upcoming newsletters.

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