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January Update

Our first Christmas at the daycare was wonderful. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make it possible in blessing these families like never before. The parents were so touched that some of them could not express what they felt. Others just showed it with their tears of joy. Besides the huge bag of […]

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Back to School

Well, back to school was a whirl wind. We accepted six more children the first week school began. So that means we have 18 children who attend Kindergarten or are in Elementary school. We take many trips too and from four different schools in our town. There are two kindergartens, and two elementary schools. We […]

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Summer has come to an end…

Whew! What a summer! It has been a lot of hard work, but exciting to see all the progress and ministry that happened this last month. July was busy, but so was August. Busy but always full of many blessings. In August, we continued construction on the community house that burned down. A group from […]

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