Children’s Center

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Open Arms is a multi-faceted organization that ministers to children, teens, and families in Mexico, but the children are at the heart of our ministry.

OA is dedicated to finding a solution to the brokenness of families. We are dedicated to keeping families together and preventing child abandonment.

Open Arms is a preventive ministry trying to create a nationwide daycare movement in Mexico. We want to proactively help children before they are at risk of being put into an orphanage, abused, or neglected to fend for themselves.

Many parents in the United States can relate to the difficulty of finding reputable childcare; in Mexico, working parents have even fewer options. Most households in Mexico can only be supported if both parents work, and single mothers have no other option than to work outside of the home. The Mexican infrastructure does not yet provide a viable resource for public childcare.

Without a source of affordable care, working parents often have no choice but to leave their children to roam the streets – where they run a high risk of becoming victims of predators, burning down their own homes, and getting involved in drugs and violence – or to voluntarily drop them off at an orphanage.

Many Mexican children end up in orphanages because their parents have nowhere to send their children while they work. Orphanages in today’s Mexico  function as a makeshift form of foster care: four out of five children in orphanages have at least one living parent who is simply unable to care for them.

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At OA, we help combat this problem by providing a safe refuge during the day for children whose families need it most, in the form of a no-cost daycare.  But we also provide families with care and assistance that extend beyond basic childcare: we are not the type of daycare center typically found in the United States. For over 60 kids, OA is a home away from home, which allows them to grow up with their families so mothers won’t need to leave their kids home alone or relinquish them to an orphanage.

With an on-site medical and dental clinic, operated by visiting doctors and dentists, and a full-time psychologist on staff, we are also able to tend to the physical needs of they daycare children, their families, and other members of the community. The goal of the children’s center is to use the teachings and example of Jesus Christ to foster a productive lifestyle and overall well-being. Children enrolled in our daycare program receive not only responsible care, but also guidance in academics, Biblical training, and life education.

Open Arms’ mission is to help families stay together while offering nutritional, educational, and psychological support and Biblical training to children without removing them from a family environment.

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Once a month, we offer meetings and parenting classes, led by our psychologist, directors, or mission teams, that provide useful resources for the parents of the daycare kids. The goals of these classes are to teach the parents good life skills, encourage healthy disciplines and lifestyle choices, coach them in breaking the cycle of poverty in which they live, and advise them in Biblical authority. We emphasize spiritual, physical, and emotional growth in an attempt to prevent the next generation from suffering through the same cycle as their parents. We hope and pray that the kids we care for and influence grow up to be world-changers!

Today, the Open Arms campus in La Mision (located between Rosarito and Ensenada) is filled to capacity and maintains a waiting list of hopefuls. In 2014, we began construction on our second children’s center in Camalu, a town in desperate need of childcare, which is located in the San Quintin valley (four hours south of the U.S. border). Check out The Camalu Project for more information.

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