September 2010 Back to School

Genesis in line at school with her uniform ready for school to begin!

Back to school!

Around here this is a busy time of year for Open Arms as staff and children alike adjust to new routines and schedules. The kids have just started a new school year with new teachers, new friends and in some cases new schools. Many of the children who started attending OA as babies are now entering kindergardren and we are faced with the reality that our kids are growing up fast.

The children from the river families have never been to school due to lack of proper paper work, namely lack of birth certificates. This year however OA was able to get all of the river kid’s birth certificates and enroll them in school. We are very excited for them as they take the first step toward an education.

This month we also had a group from Corona Del Mar come down and draw a mural for the play room in our new building, transforming the play room from a room with four walls to a tropical beach with colorful fish, bright blue water and birds flying above.

Harely, one of our OA kids and helper along with Mary Anderson work on the beautiful beach and ocean mural!

Alice is so creative and did amazing work on the mural!

Dolly the dolphin…part of the mural!

Look at those pelicans! They look almost real!

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