This week, keeping families together means having special summer activities with our kids & preparing for back-to-school!

Just because the kids aren’t in school doesn’t mean they have to stop learning.

Summer is one of our favorite times at OA! The kids don’t have school and we get to take a deep breath, a break from homework and our normal routine to play, love and enjoy our kiddos! This summer has been so much fun for our staff and our kids. In Camalu, we had a whole week dedicated to science camp. The kids did experiments, learned new things and saw that learning is fun. We also held computer classes on our donated laptops, English, folkloric dance and theatre class, and a summer full of Bible camp as well. In La Mision, the kids cooked & made treats for their families, learned about different mediums of art, had Olympics Camp & learned how to be part of God’s team in VBS.

We believe education breaks

the cycle of poverty!

If children have access to an education, they have a chance to break the poverty cycle. That is why we send every school aged child in our care to school starting in Kindergarten and all the way through college! Although the idea of going to school seems easy enough, in a third world country, education is at the bottom of the priority list under food and shelter. In addition to not being able to meet basic needs on their income, families must pay for uniforms and all supplies required for school. If they cannot do this, their children are not allowed to attend. The cost of sending one child back to school, not taking into account supplies throughout the year and special projects, is $75. Generally people working a full time, good paying job make about $100 a week here in Mexico (most of our families, especially in Camalu make only $12 a day). Getting their children, and most families have many children, back-to-school is an extreme hardship on the family.

We have given our 100 school aged children, a uniform, a backpack, and school supplies to give them a head start. This is the most school-aged children we have ever had in our care. If you haven’t made a back-to-school donation yet, there is still time…we still have some pressing needs. Donate here and write in the memo back-to-school. 

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