This week, keeping families together means we have BIG news to share with you!

God has given us property for a 3RD CAMPUS!

In April, we met a couple, Daniel and Elizabeth, who have a 16,000 sq. ft. property an hour south of Camalu.  They have always dreamed of having a ministry for children there. However, due to lack of support, no team, and no covering, it has only been a dream. They had a small church on the property, dirt floor, tarp roof, but had to close its doors this year. They came to us desperate, only hearing from neighbors and other Pastors what the Lord has done at Open Arms, and decided to take a step of faith to come meet us.

As we sat down with them, they began to share their very horrific story. They showed us a newspaper article of when their two daughters were burned and killed in a house fire in Tijuana, where they previously lived. Sadly, Elizabeth and Daniel had to go to work, and there were no daycare facilities where they could take their girls. Their only choice was to lock them in their home. Tragically their house caught on fire, killing their two girls in the fire. 

As Daniel and I (Heidi) heard this story, I just began to cry. As I saw the newspaper article my heart literally ached. The thing is, we have told this story to all of our teams that come to serve with us for the last 13 years. This is one of the reasons why we started Open Arms. In 2004, while Daniel and I were working at the orphanage in Tecate, we had heard of this story. It broke our hearts then, and now 13 years later this couple shows up in my office in Camalu, of all places.

After many months of meetings with them, our board of directors, and lots of prayer, we felt the Lord leading us to Los Pinos to partner with Daniel and Elizabeth. God was also very clear on how he confirmed things. They are going to DONATE the property to Open Arms. YES! Donate! God is so good. He also confirmed it in a very tangible way. As we were walking around the town and came to the front of the property we noticed something that stood out to us, or should I say, God has a sense of humor. Right in front of the property their is a little store with my name on it ‘Abarrotes Heidi’, it is like a small mini-mart. “Heidi’s Store.” Not only does it have my name on it, but it is spelled the exact same way. My name is very rare in Mexico, and no one can ever spell it right. I thought it was peculiar, until I looked to the left and there sat ‘Ferreteria Danny’, “Hardware- Store Danny.” What??? Yes, both of our names right in front of the Los Pinos property. I came home and told my mom, and she was like, “Heidi, what more confirmation do you need?” It was literally  part of the confirmation God gave us. God has confirmed to us that this is the next step for Open Arms. We are nervous and excited to step into another God ordained adventure.

The Los Pinos community is much like Camalu, but smaller, and is in desperate need for a childcare. Parents work in the fields 12 hours a day from sun up to sundown, earning as little as $12 each day. It is impossible for them to pay for someone to care for their children while they earn a living. The children are left alone, with “older” siblings, sometimes as young as 6 years old, who miss school to stay at home in the place of a parent. They are left vulnerable, without a safe place to be while their parents are gone for the entire day. Here is where we step in.

Every child within our reach deserves a chance to go to school, feel safe, stay with their families and learn about the love of Jesus. We believe God had a divine appointment for us when we met Daniel and Elizabeth. Since meeting, they have been attending the Open Arms church in Camalu and we are in the process of having the papers transferred into the Open Arms name. God is so good! We plan to break ground in Summer 2019 to start building our third campus in Los Pinos.

We cannot contain our excitement as God calls us to another community! With your support, we will see another community transformed by the power of God’s love and keeping families together!

We are trying to raise $40K this #GIVINGTUESDAY for the Los Pinos campus. We will need to raise about $200K to build a daycare facility and church.  You and I have the opportunity to fight for families by giving to this project. We cannot stop until everyone knows Jesus, and while children are still being locked in their homes, because of lack of childcare. Please consider donating today and until the end of this year here or on our Facebook page. (Please write Los Pinos in the memo).

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