We are a little behind in getting our blogs out to you, however, we don’t want to pass up thanking our teams that came over Spring Break. Here is a recap!

Hopefully, this will encourage you to see a need for short-term mission teams. As you step out of your comfort zone to serve on a mission trip God not only does amazing things in you, but also helps us expand His Kingdom and get some much needed projects done. 


We are so grateful to all the groups who have come to build spiritually and physically for the Kingdom and for the families we serve! Felton Presbyterian Church (Felton, CA) sent a great team to serve in Camalu. The Crandel’s shared their Chiropractic skills by working on our staff and kids. This group also took on the HUGE task of laying the turf for the new soccer field. Now, the kids are enjoying the field and all the green it brings to the campus.

The Father’s House School of Leadership (Vacaville, CA) touched the whole community through their outreach in the local park. 500 people attended and 75 people came forward to give their live’s to Christ during the event. People from this outreach came to the OA Church service for the first time the next day! The group also put the finishing touches on the soccer field and held a VBS for the daycare kids. 

The River of Life Church (Canada) loved like Jesus on our toddler class and did all the prep work for the soccer field. It was a tough job of pulling weeds, removing rocks and leveling the land! 

Dr. Howard (Vallejo CA) a chiropractor, visited both campuses and was able to treat the staff, parents and kids. 

Thank you so much to each of these teams for making the long trip to Camalu and planting seeds, reaping the harvest and believing in this community!

La Mision

Be2Live (Novato,  CA) kicked off the 2019 house build for one of our daycare kids! We are building a home for a single mom whose son, Alfredo, 13 years old, has been in our care for nine years. She started this project herself a long, long time ago and has been working on it block by block herself. We are so grateful to this faithful group for helping her realize her dream of having a home of her own!

Dr. Lisa Hudson (Alamo, CA) was so gracious to come to La Mision and lend her expertise! She was able to see all of our kids and give them well check-ups. Some of them are well into elementary school and have never had a routine check-up. Medical care in Mexico is limited to going to the doctor only after something has happened to compromise your health. Preventative medicine is almost unheard of because families cannot afford to pay for doctor visits. 

Ventura Missions Church (Ventura, CA) brought so much love to our kids! They brought fun activities like parachute games, dodge ball, kickball and soccer for our big kids. They shared so much laughter dancing with the kids and singing songs. It was great to see the body of Christ shining for Him! All of our kids felt so, so loved!

A big shout out to all these amazing people and teams. Because of short-term mission trips lives are touched, people get to hear about JESUS, and they help us fight to keep these families together. Book your mission trip today, and see how God transforms your life and the lives you reach at Open Arms. Email us at: info@openarsmexico.org

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