What Heidi Wants You to Know About Defending the Cause of the Orphan


When you hear of Mexico and other third world countries, your first thoughts may be of poverty, drugs, or orphans. However, I want you to know what I have learned while being on the mission field in Mexico for 12 years: most people just want to be a family. They just want to live together with their loved ones, despite the poverty, despite having a dirt floor and no running water, despite living in a one-bedroom shack—they just want their family to be together. I want you to know that the most horrific kind of poverty, quiet possibly, is growing up without a mom or a dad.

We only have $7,642 left to raise for the $50K matching grant for our second campus in Camalu. BUT, we only have 3 days left to raise it.

Please read the rest of the blog here by our Co-Founder and Executive Director on why it is so important to help us finish the year strong in reaching our goal.

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