Go on a trip!

Short term mission teams are an important part of our ministry. They are a catalyst to our campuses. They give us the resources to go above and beyond for our communities throught the year. Houses and buildings are built in record time. Children and parents hear the gospel and receive Jesus in their hearts. The teams that come bring us so much joy. They put together amazing community outreach events and complete  much need construction projects. Our classrooms are filled with Vacation Bible School (VBS) songs and crafts, and our families are blessed with food, waters, and clothing donations.

If you are interested in bringing a team to any one of our campuses, there is always a multitude of ways to serve and an abundance of projects we could use your help on! Whether you would like to partner with us to finish a construction project or to hold a community evangelism event, all things are possible. We look forward to having you serve our community with us. If you would like to sign up for a trip or have any questions about what a trip looks like with Open Arms, send an email to groups@openarmsmexico.org

directions to our campuses

Crossing the Border:
When you cross into Mexico from the US at the San Ysidro border you most likely will not be stopped at all. You will drive through and they wont check your passports. If they do stop you and pull you in they will do one of two things. 1) They will simply ask where you are going and check your car. 2) Have you get out of the car and wait in a waiting area while they put it through a giant scanner and then send you on your way. Some of the border guards do speak english, but not very good. 

Spanish phrase to say: 

“Somos misioneros” = We are missionaries 

 “Vamos a Camalu” = We are going to Camalu

“Vamos a La Mision” = We are going to La Mision

When we leave the border we take the road that goes west along the US/Mexician border called “Via International” so that you don’t have to drive through Tijuana. It is definitely the most convenient for traffic and connects with the HWY 1 after a few miles which you take the rest of the way to Camalu. The turn for “Via International is RIGHT after you get through the border, it's a small overpass that goes over the canal to the right. We usually try to cross through the border stations more on the right side so that it is easier to turn onto that road.

The first part of HWY 1 before Ensenada is a toll road. There are two toll station to get to LA MISION and three toll stations to get to CAMALU or LOS PINOS, and each is about 40pesos or $2. 


About 25 minutos after the second toll both take the exit that says "La Mision." Turn LEFT, and go straight for about 1 mile. You will pass La Fonda restaurante, go under a bridge and up a hill. At the top of the hill an electrical station is on the left hand side, start slowing down ,and get ready to merge on to the dirt road on the right.

There is a small strip mall with LA CUEVA written on it, and Open Arms are the three next buildings down the road, there are two large black gates in front, with a large terracotta two story building. That is Open Arms. (Puerta Del Valle is right across the street from us). If you have come to a bridge you have gone to far. 


After passing the second toll booth continue on to Ensenada on Hwy 1.  Stay on this road until you come to a dead end and turn left. Turn right at the first stop sign. Go until the next dead end and turn Left. At the stop light turn Right, and you are back on  HWY 1. This will not take you straight to Camalu. Hwy 1 becomes “Antigua Ruta de Vino” (Antique Wine Route) because it goes through wine country. There is a military check point that you will pass right through. If they stop you, just say “Vamos a Camalu” and they will just motion you forward. 

Camalu is after a small town called “Rancho Cepeda” and before “Vicente Guerrero”. If you are using maps on your phone it will get you to the right place and should be able to bring you all the way up to the Open Arms campus. But, if that is not working, there is only one stop light in Camalu (Gloss is on the left side of the street, and OXXO is on the right). At the stop light, turn right and go down the bumpy dirt road all the way through the houses until you see a sign for Open Arms on the right that will point you to the campus. (It's the last road of homes). Turn Right, and then turn Left in through the gates of Open Arms.