High voltage

Our youth program, High Voltage, began at our first campus in La Mision. We recognized the importance of building healthy, God-filled, community for the teens in our area. There are not very many options of healthy community for teenagers in Mexico. Unlike the United States, there are not endless amounts of sports leagues or other extracurricular activities for high school students to be involved in. This leaves the door open for many teens to fall into the trap of many dangerous things including cartel activity. 

We saw this need and came up with a way to meet it. That is how High Voltage was born. High Voltage has grown into a beautiful community, now not only in La Mision but in Camalu as well! High Voltage in La Mission has morphed into “La Cueva” (The Cave) which is an all community youth center. In Camalu, High Voltage is the youth group with our on-campus church, Iglesia Open Arms. They meet every Friday to hear the word of God and have a fun time together.

High Voltage and The Cueva have become the safe space for many teens in La Mision and Camalu. Teens are falling in love with Jesus and their lives are changing because of it. The next generation of leaders are growing up loving Jesus with their whole hearts and minds and it is so exciting to see!