This center is an example of how childcare can change a community. When we started, children were alone while parents were at work, like most of Mexico. Desperate parents, who felt like they couldn’t give their kids the necessities they needed, took their children  and gave them over to the orphanage in town hoping for a better life for them. Being close to the border, our families in La Mision benefit from the American tourism in the area. They work very long hours and most of the  parents aren’t home until late into the evenings. Their kids are alone after school to fend for themselves and their siblings. When the children are left at home alone, they are vulnerable to being confiscated by the government and many other tragic circumstances.

La Mision is one of our greatest stories of success. We have rescued 9 children in La Mision from the orphanages and returned then back to their families where they belong. Since 2006 we have seen actual change and growth in the community. We have seen kids and their families flourish together. Our families have been putting the tools and guidance we have given them into use and it has not only impacted them and their children, but the entire community. We have seen kids who before were more likely to drop out of school before entering high school, complete high school and even go on to complete university. Families have stopped bringing their children to orphanages because they know there are other better sustainable options available to them. Our community is now at that point where they are dreaming bigger and setting higher goals. To change a community, it begins with the family.

"Since 2006 we have seen actual change and growth in the community. we have seen kids and their families flourish together."