Medical outreach

At our campuses, we love to host medical professionals and hold clinics for our community. Clinics are another avenue through which we can share the love of God to the child center families and to our communities. We open the clinic whenever doctors, nurses, dentists, and hygienists come from the United States to donate their time and talents. 

Many of the families here are unable to pay for any type of medicine, let alone go to the dentist. We have seen men in their 30s whose first time seeing a dentist was at an Open Arms Clinic. We have pulled multiple teeth and cleaned decay from a man with severe gingivitis who couldn’t afford to get his teeth cleaned on a regular basis. We have filled hundreds of cavities and have taught classes on brushing teeth, flossing, and general dental hygiene. We truly believe education is key, and therefore take advantage of any opportunity we have to teach the people in our communities.

Are you a medical professional looking for a serving opportunity? Consider coming to Open Arms on a medical missions trip! On a medical missions trip, you will have the opportunity to provide medical care and healthcare education to a community where healthcare is limited or difficult to obtain. You’ll be able to use your skills to the betterment of those who need them most, doing work that transcends regional borders and ethnic groups.