Meet the Founders

Daniel and Heidi are the founders and directors of Open Arms Childcare Ministries. They met when Heidi came to the orphanage in Mexico where Daniel grew up. After he turned 18, Daniel stayed at the orphanage and worked in construction; soon after, Heidi came and served there for about two years. They were married in August of 2005. As they worked together at the orphanage, they knew God would one day use them to start another ministry.

In 2005, they began Open Arms. They know that they have been called to help keep families together and prevent childhood abandonment. Their hearts’ desire is to show Christ’s love to these needy Mexican children, and to teach their parents how much God values the family unit.

Because Daniel grew up in an orphanage, beginning at the age of 7, he has struggled with feeling abandoned and unloved. Instead of holding onto his bitterness and hurt, he decided to try to make a difference. Through Open Arms, Daniel and Heidi help keep children who have at least one living parent out of orphanages, and care for kids who would otherwise wander the streets while their parents are at work. They provide a no-cost daycare service to the community of La Mision, Mexico, touching the lives of the families there and preventing childhood abandonment one child at a time.

They truly live by faith each day, and they have experienced God’s enduring mercy and faithfulness. When they started working on the construction of their facility in April of 2005, they had one dollar to their name. Less than one year later, they were able to open the daycare to the children of the community. Currently, they care for 60 children and have helped numerous families stay together. They also support the 15 junior high and high school children who have graduated out of the daycare program with their educational expenses (education is not free in Mexico).

Since Heidi and Daniel began their work in La Mision, Open Arms has only continued to grow. In addition to running the daycare, they hold a monthly class to teach important life skills to the many mothers of the daycare children. They started a teen center called High Voltage, through which over 100 teens have given their life to the Lord. Anywhere from 80 to 150 teens attend High Voltage every Friday night. They have opened a dental and medical clinic that services members of the community as well as daycare families. A church was planted on their site in 2012, and they now hold not one but two services every Sunday. Open Arms has truly become a center for the entire community, showing the love of Christ to hundreds of people as they meet various needs through the many facets of their ministry. They live by the motto, Faith makes miracles, and they know that God is still in the business of performing miracles today!