Britzy Arce Serrano
Ref# 37

About Me
My name is Britzy Arce Serrano. I'm a 8-year-old girl.

My birthday is
March 26, 2016.


My Story

Britzy as a little jabber box. When you look into her sweet eyes, you cannot begin to imagine what she has been through. Her dad is an absent father who is a drug addict. Her mom is always working and she doesn’t wish to truly care for Britzy or her older sister, Aritzy. With no other option, the girl's grandmother stepped up to care for both girls. Due to her health, their grandmother had to make the heartbreaking decision to stop caring for the girls. Back in their mom's care, their dad also started caring for them while their mom was working. After some time of the new arrangement, Britzy’s grandmother noticed her sister’s behavior was strange. She found out that his sister was being sexually abused. She immediately came to us for help. We accepted them into our care without hesitation. Sadly, a few days after the girls were accepted into the daycare, their father was killed because of his involvement and drugs. Thankfully, these girls were in our care, and out of harm's way. Please pray that Britzy can heal from the trauma she has endured and that her grandmother’s health will improve so Britzy and her sister could settle into their new life.