Carlos Ezequiel Montez
Ref# 39

About Me
My name is Carlos Ezequiel Montez. I'm a 5-year-old boy.

My birthday is
May 28, 2018.


My Story

Carlos is our little light! His sweet face can brighten up a room. He loves all of the attention and affection the daycare workers have to give. His brother, Julian, is also in our care. Although Carlos’ mom is a Christian, she made a bad decision to be with her best friend, and    Carlos was conceived. His mom didn’t even know she was pregnant. She felt no different, did not look different and had no idea that Carlos’ little life had began within her until she started having labor pains. She initially thought she was very sick, maybe her appendix. She asked her mom to take her to the hospital because the pain was so bad, and Carlos was born in the car    on the way to the hospital. A shock to everyone, especially his mom. This case is unlike any we have ever had. Carlos’ mom is a woman in need of God’s grace and    restoration as she continues to walk with the Lord. She has overcome lots of shame and even  disgrace but we are walking with her into the future God has for her and Carlos!  Please pray that Carlos’ mom’s relationship with Jesus would be deeply rooted and that she could overcome any obstacles in her way to become the mom God has called her to be!