Danna Sofia Villareal Andaya
Ref# 48

About Me
My name is Danna Sofia Villareal Andaya. I'm a 13-year-old girl.

My birthday is
February 2, 2011.

La Mision

My Story

Danna is a loving, cheerful little girl who makes friends easily. Danna Sofia has a situation that is better than most we see. Her parents have been together since before she was born, have a stable marriage and are committed to their family. Both of Danna Sofia’s parents work on a ranch about 45 minutes from La Mision. Her parents applied for childcare when Danna Sofia was three years old. They have waited for five years for a spot for her. Now, she has a little sister, Zoe, and it has been even more difficult for their parents to find stable, consistent care for both girls. Now that both girls are in our care, Danna Sofia’s parents can work without fear of the girls being vulnerable during the day. Please pray for Danna Sofia’s family, that her parents would give their lives to Christ and raise Danna Sofia and her sister in the ways of the Lord!.