Esteban Garcia
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About Me
My name is Esteban Garcia. I'm a 11-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 30, 2013.

La Mision

My Story

He has one older brother (Joshua) who also attends the daycare. Esteban is the youngest child in his family. He loves to talk, play, and be surrounded by people. He is very extroverted and expresses his emotions easily! He loves to run around and is very active. Esteban’s dad is a single dad. His parents separated when he was a baby, and he lived for a short time with his mom and her boyfriend. During that time, the mother’s boyfriend was abusive to Esteban and his older brother Joshua. When Esteban’s dad found out about the abusive situation, he recovered the children into his care. Esteban’s grandma was helping to care for him and Joshua, but when she had to get a job the family needed a safe place for Esteban and his brother while their dad and grandma work. We are so thankful that God is using us to help a single dad fight for his family! We are honored to step in and provide the care this family needs to thrive. Please pray for Esteban and his family, that they can heal from the physical and emotional abuse.