Alan Mateo Flores
Ref# 6

About Me
My name is Alan Mateo Flores. I'm a 5-year-old boy.

My birthday is
April 10, 2019.


My Story

Alan Mateo is so precious. His mom lost her first husband in the sea, he was a fisherman. She eventually met someone else and fell in love again and Alan Mateo’s older sister Azul was the result of that relationship. Sadly the man left her alone. Three years later, Alan Mateo’s mom found a friend from the past and they decided to start a relationship. She was hoping for a future with him and a stable life. However, she found out that his ex-girlfriend was having his baby and remembering the pain of being left with a child on her own decided it would be best for her to remove herself from the situation. Shortly after, she found that she was pregnant with Alan Mateo. We believe that God has a purpose for Alan Mateo’s Life and we are joyful that we can see him grow in our care. Please pray that Alan Mateo’s mom would learn to follow jesus and accept His love instead of looking for love in unhealthy relationships.