Alexander Yaziel Villanazul
Ref# 11

About Me
My name is Alexander Yaziel Villanazul. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
July 16, 2011.


My Story

Alexander is a very happy boy that enjoys being at the daycare. He has a little brother Edgar and a younger sister Maybeth who also attend the daycare. Alexander is very friendly and kind, but at his young age he is been through a lot. They used to live in Sinaloa, a state in the south of Mexico, but his mom decided to escape from the abusing relationship. Alexander’s father was a drug addict who abused her and even tried to kill her once. When they came to Camalu she started working, the kids were dropped off with neighbors, and went from house to house while his mom worked. But something terrible happened at the last house where he was being taken care of. The 8 year old son of the lady that was taking care of Alexander, raped him, as soon this happened Alexander told his mom and she immediately took him away from that house and ran to us for help. We immediately accepted him into our care. This family needs restoration and hope, please pray for them, that through Open Arms they can come into a relationship with our Lord and heal their past.