Ana Sofia Hernandez Hernandez
Ref# 16

About Me
My name is Ana Sofia Hernandez Hernandez. I'm a 10-year-old girl.

My birthday is
November 28, 2013.


My Story

Ana has the most beautiful eyes and loves to be at the daycare with her new friends. Her mom is a single mom that has suffered a lot in the past. Her dad became a drug addict and used to abuse her mom physically and psychologically. Her mom found the strength and decided to leave him, although she was very scared he would come after her and Ana. Now she’s a single mom and works hard to provide for her family. She works picking fruits and vegetables in the fields, cleaning houses and works at a beauty salon. Ana often had to go to work with her mom, where she would hide her for fear of being fired. Ana wasn’t in school because her mom had no one to take her or pick her up. Now in our care we enrolled her in school and she is safe. Please keep this family in your prayers.