Angel Arturo Pardo Armenta
Ref# 17

About Me
My name is Angel Arturo Pardo Armenta. I'm a 12-year-old boy.

My birthday is
January 31, 2012.


My Story

Angel Arturo loves the daycare, when we take him to school he tells his friends: “Hey guys!!! Guess what? The daycare people brought me to school, and after school, they will pick me up!!!” He loves the daycare and being around his daycare friends. Angel’s father isn't in the picture and he is being raised by his single mom. Angel Arturo’s mom is a single mom that works hard to put food on the table and keep her family together. His younger sister, Valentina, and his cousin, Jordan, also attend the daycare. Angel and his cousin Jordan used to live together and were being raised like brothers. But thankfully their moms got stable jobs to be able to support their own homes. Please pray that Angel’s mom accepts Christ and continue to fight for her family.