Arleth Lupercio Casillas
Ref# 25

About Me
My name is Arleth Lupercio Casillas. I'm a 18-year-old girl.

My birthday is
December 1, 2005.

La Mision

My Story

Arleth is a part of our junior high after school program with her twin Arcelia. Her younger siblings Esmeralda, Sofia and Isaias all attend the daycare. Her mom works at a local hotel cleaning to provide for the family. Her favorite thing to do is jump rope. She loves math. Arleth is a happy, chatty girl with a loving personality. Despite escaping her abusive father with her mother and three sisters, she still has a smile that lights up a room. Her mother finally found the courage to leave their dangerous situation, and Arleth and her siblings were forced to move from southern Mexico to La Mision to escape their abusive father. They came to the only family they have, Maricela, our cook in La Mision. Eight years ago, it was Maricela who came to us with a very similar story, and she naturally turned to us to offer the same love and help for her sister. Maricela pleaded with us to take Arleth and her sisters, and we, of course, said yes. Arleth is now safe at Open Arms while her mom is at her new job. She is going to the local school and learning all about the love of God at the daycare. Please pray for Arleth, her mom, and her three sisters as they heal from abuse, come to know Jesus, and look toward a brighter future.