Brisa Esmeralda Cuauhtenango
Ref# 35

About Me
My name is Brisa Esmeralda Cuauhtenango. I'm a 16-year-old girl.

My birthday is
April 21, 2008.


My Story

Brisa has grown up very fast and has had to care for her younger sister, Sarahi while her parents worked in the fields every day. Her parents are Christians and have worked hard to keep their family together. Since your parents leave for work early, and her older siblings have to be in school by 7 AM, Brisa and her brother Ezekiel had to help care for their little sister. She helped get her ready for school and ended up walking her to school every day. Now that Brisa and her siblings are in our care, they can be kids, be safe and still continue their education while their parents work. Every day Brisa and her siblings are always learning about Jesus eating nutritious meals and studying for school. Please pray that Brisa adjusts to being in our care, and that her family continues to grow in their relationship with Jesus.