The Camalú Project

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Expanding His Kingdom with a Second Campus

Why Camalu?

For several years, Daniel has been taking the teens from High Voltage on mission trips to Camalu; since becoming familiar with the area, we have felt God put an extreme weight on our hearts for it. The people there are in desperate need of a free daycare system and, more importantly, the love of Jesus. Camalu is located three hours south of La Mision (four hours south of the border) and is a large farming community, to which many people from southern Mexico have migrated for work in the agriculture fields and packing houses.

In Camalu, 80% of the people are migrant workers who came up from Oaxaca and other southern states to find work. Their children are the primary victims of their circumstances.

  • Childcare programs in Mexico are almost non-existent, leaving many children roaming the streets with no one to take care of them.
  • Often older siblings are forced to stay at home, forfeiting their education, to take care of their brothers and sisters while their parents leave to work in the fields.
  • Hunger and lack of childcare is the number one complaint among mothers.
  • As you can imagine, in these difficult situations, sexual abuse is very common.

Something has to be done! How can we prevent injustices from happening to children before they are hurt, abused, and abandoned? The children in Camalu who have been abandoned to the streets or living in orphanages are some of the most vulnerable children in the world.

Open Arms’ mission is to help families stay together while offering nutritional, educational, and psychological support and biblical training to children without removing them from a family environment. 

This is why we are starting a second campus. We have been called to prevent child abandonment by helping families stay together, ensuring that parents never have a reason to relinquish their children. God has ordained the family and we are called to keep them together.

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Phase One

Raising 100K in 100 days was the first step of many in this project. After an incredible response from churches, individuals, and businesses, we met our goal and purchased a 5-acre piece of property, located on the west side of Camalu overlooking the valley and the ocean. God is so good! On March 10th, 2014, we broke ground, and The Camalu Project was officially underway! Check out our blog for regular updates.

Phase Two

Raise the Roof Campaign- $50,000 was miraculousy raised to put the roof on the 16,000 sq ft building. Fundraising was accomplished in December of 2014, and the roof was installed as the money was raised. Thank you God for providing!

Phase Three

In April of 2016, we completed the main building of our campus in Camalu, which will hold up to 150 at capacity. It also contains a large sanctuary for our youth center and on-site church. This was all made possible through generous financial support and donation of supplies. God provided:

-$90,000 worth of vinyl flooring

-$15,000 worth of paint for the interior and exterior of the main building

-$80-90,000 of kitchen appliances and supplies for a commercial kitchen.

These items were donated and we did not need to raise funds for these items. God is good!

Phase Four

Playground and outdoor equipment is our next goal. One of the things we love about this campus is that there is so much space. There is a ton of room on our campus where we are planning to build a variety of places for the kids to play. We’re praying that God will provide the funds to make this possible. We are still in need of the following:

-Playground: $35,000

-Soccer Field: $2500

-Basketball Court: $2500

-Tables and Chairs for the cafeteria: $5000

Phase Five

Dorms: We still need to purchase about 1 acre of property right next to the daycare for our dorm, where our mission teams will stay. Price of land is: $35,000.


hunger and lack of childcare


We haven’t been able to do this without you: your prayers, encouragement, financial support, and mission trips were, and still are, vital! We are forever thankful for everything you pour into Open Arms. Help us spread the word about The Camalu Project so that we can help keep more children safe from orphanages and the dangers of the streets, keep families together, and ultimately spread the love of Jesus to a very hurting town.

There is still so much to do. We need more people to come work alongside us to help prevent these injustices from happening and keep families together! With your help, we can bring countless more families into the loving arms of Jesus Christ.

We encourage you to get involved in Open Arms.

  • Come down on a life-changing missions trip to one of our campuses in La Mision or Camalu.
  • Sign up to be a sponsor for as little as $25 a month.
  • Put us in your church’s missions budget; we are looking for new partnerships as we need to double our support with two campuses.
  • And we humbly ask you to pray for us, as we step out in faith and start a second campus.

We encourage you to get involved in some way. God bless you!

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