Britany Jimenez Santiago
Ref# 36

About Me
My name is Britany Jimenez Santiago. I'm a 6-year-old girl.

My birthday is
June 1, 2016.


My Story

Brittany is such a beautiful little girl! She’s always smiling and when she looks at you she looks at you with lots of love in her eyes. She and her mom have been through a lot. Britany’s mom originally lived in the USA with her husband and two other kids, but she was deported after serving a year in jail for crimes her husband committed. During the time she was in jail, her husband never searched for her or took responsibility for his crimes. After being deported to Mexico, she searched for her mother, who she hadn’t seen in 16 years. But she found her, her mother didn’t want anything to do with her, so she had to look for other housing. It is been very difficult for Britney‘s mom to move back to Mexico. Currently, her mom works at a minimart after hearing her story we had to accept Britany. Please keep this family in your prayers, so our father can heal their terrible past and show them that they have a great future in Jesus.