Damasio Melchor Reyes
Ref# 46

About Me
My name is Damasio Melchor Reyes. I'm a 17-year-old boy.

My birthday is
December 11, 2006.


My Story

Damasio is a great brother and loves his siblings very much. He is the oldest of four kids in his family. His siblings Fernando, Cristina and Xitlali also attend the daycare. Damasio’s mom leaves early every morning and works all day in the fields. Before coming to OA they didn't attend school because they didn't have birth certificates. Instead Damasio and his siblings would work at the local flea markets to help their mom with expenses. They were always vulnerable and at risk of being picked up and taken to an orphanage. After coming to OA, we helped Damasio’s mom get birth certificates for the kids and they started attending school. Since they were not entirely sure of their birthdays and grade level Damasio and his younger sister ended up in the same class based on their level. Even though he is getting a late start, we believe that God has an amazing plan for Damasio’s life! Please pray that this family will find Jesus and peace in all He has to give!