Emanuel Aguilar Garcia
Ref# 62

About Me
My name is Emanuel Aguilar Garcia. I'm a 13-year-old boy.

My birthday is
February 28, 2011.


My Story

He has one brother (Ismael) and four uncles (Eliseo, Celso, Hugo, and Cris) who attend the daycare with him. Emanuel means “God with us”. And you can see that God's presence has been upon him and his young mother. His mom was a teenager when Emmanuel and his brother Ishmael were born. Both of the boys are a prouduct of rape from their moms step dad, the only grandfather that they know. When we first met this family, their mom was taken out of school to care for her brothers, forfeiting her education so her mom could work in the strawberry fields. This is one of the worst cases we have seen, and their makeshift shack, did not help the situation. We have tried to get his mom out of this abusive relationship with her step-dad, but she won’t get out. We even gave her a job, offered to find her a home, but she will not leave. She feels she is stuck. She has no education, and he is the father of her children. Please pray that Emmanuel’s mom would have the courage to break free from the abuse she is enduring and that she would seek refuge and salvation in Christ alone!