Alan Gallegos Magallon
Ref# 5

About Me
My name is Alan Gallegos Magallon. I'm a 9-year-old boy.

My birthday is
August 7, 2014.

La Mision

My Story

Alan has had a hard life at such a young age. He likes to be cuddled and read to!. Before Alan was born, his mom was a single mom raising Alan’s brother, Aron-who is also in our care and their older sister. She would clean houses to make ends meet. She met and married an older man and they had Alan. Unfortunately, her husband was diagnosed with cancer and died a year later. She was left alone to provide for three children. She could work and make a living cleaning houses while we cared for the boys and they were getting along well. Sadly, she died instantly in a tragic car accident in 2017, leaving the boys true orphans. Thankfully her sister took in Alan and Aron. Alan is doing well, sadly he was very young when his mom passed away and is starting only to remember her through pictures and what his family tells him. Alan’s aunt is not a Christian but lets Alan and his brother attend Sunday services. They are both being shown the love of Christ daily and we pray that they will choose the healing Jesus offers them! Please pray that Alan’s aunt would receive Christ as her Savior, find steady employment and raise Alan and his brother in the ways of the Lord.